Change Management, Planning

Change Management

What it is

Careful planning and consideration to reduce the impact of any organizational changes on employees in an effort to minimize any disruption to customers or engagement.

How it works

Working directly with leaders, managers, and employees, details plans are developed to communicate the changes, organize training, monitor progress, and maintain employee engagement before, during, and after the project

Why you use it

You are engaged in activity that will change the way work is performed, the employee experience or the customer experience, or you want to improve your organizational capability to manage change effectively and efficiently

What to expect

We start by understanding past experience with change management along with current approaches and plans. We will then work with your teams to assess the potential impact of the proposed change, help gauge employee attitudes, develop comprehensive plans to support communication and engagement, and establish feedback mechanisms to monitor impacts and perceptions throughout the course of the project. This service can be used to manage change efforts of varying scale and scope, and to build your own capability to manage change in the future.

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May 16, 2022

Learnings from engaging with racial justice in our community

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Carbon Friendly Brews

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January 25, 2021

6 things you can do to save the world

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You’ve heard of the 12 days of Christmas... here for the new year are the 6 Days of Impact. These six actions are things YOU can do to positively impact your communities and the environment you depend on: Buy local, org

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