Lifecycle Assessments

Taking a much, much deeper look at the impact of a core product or service on a specific aspect of the environment at every stage of its lifecycle can inspire incredible transformations. For example, when Levi’s evaluated the water use associated with their jeans - growing cotton, converting cotton into thread and manufacturing jeans, dying jeans and stone washing them, customer use, and disposal at end of life - they were able to determine that each pair of jeans was associated with 3,781 liters of water throughout its life. With this information, Levi’s is able to say precisely how many liters of water are used per dollar of revenue associated with their jeans. It’s allowed them to implement lower-cost, more efficient ways to dye jeans and reduce that water use.

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Measure Meant’s deep understanding of environmental standards makes us ideal partners for this kind of intensive study. When we do Life Cycle Assessments, we determine with you the specific impact you want to measure, and we verify and apply the appropriate globally standardized framework for Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). We manage the project, provide structure for and collaborate on data collection, and analyze the data every step of the way.

Although similar to an environmental footprint, Life Cycle Assessments are distinct because they rely on primary data collected from stakeholders across more components of the value chain. It’s substantially more work that can take years to complete, but we believe it’s well worth it.

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