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When companies commit to their employees and the world, they thrive.

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Measure Meant is a women-owned consultancy that helps companies of all sizes prepare for the seismic shift in consumer demand, employee retention, market opportunity and environmental responsibility we see all around us.

People, Planet, Profit

Now more than ever, people — your customers, your employees, your peers — want ethical, holistic leadership that centers people and planet. When businesses get serious about their impacts on society and the world, they reap the benefits in clear, tangible ways.

Measure Meant B Corp Best for the World Community 2022

B Corp Best for the World: Community

We have been recognized by B Lab as Best for the World: Community. The top 5% of Certified B Corporations are recognized each year as Best for the World across the five different impact areas, and we are excited to be included in this group in 2022.

Learn more about what it means to be Best for the World and some of the businesses who share this designation
2021 Impact Report, Spokane, B Corp Consulting
Photo by Redaviqui Davilli on Unsplash

Our Impact

As Measure Meant embarks on our fifth year, we are reflecting on how we can effect change by working with businesses to do more for people and our planet. To start, we are taking action and dedicating more resources to solving the climate crisis and to supporting those who are most impacted by climate change.

Want to know more about our impacts in 2021? Check out our 2021 Impact Report for details.
Cultivate Brand Loyalty through Sustainability - Grain Shed
The Grain Shed cultivates customer loyalty with a focus on sustainable practices

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

More and more, audiences expect businesses to make a positive, lasting impact on the world. Younger generations, in particular, patronize companies based on their values.

Learn how The Grain Shed and Hopworks Urban Brewery cultivate loyalty through sustainability
Happy Employees are More Engaged - Inspire Your Team
First Avenue Coffee has a strong culture of employee engagement

Inspire Your Team

Employees work harder and feel more satisfaction when they work together toward something they believe in. When you become purpose driven, good talent finds you — and sticks around.

Learn how you can build a better team by focusing on hiring and employee practices
Mutu Coffee is Spokane's first Certified B Corp
Mutu Coffee found new business opportunities

Discover New Markets

When you commit yourself and your team to the greater good, you tap into a rapidly growing group of businesses and consumers who are utterly committed to the same big purpose.

Learn how Mutu Coffee's accounts jumped after their B Corp certification
SCCU - Identify Savings, Sustainability Plan, Cut Waste & Expenses, Spokane City Credit Union
SCCU cut their waste and expenses.

Identify Savings

When businesses implement targeted, achievable sustainability plans, they see significant savings in energy, waste and other operational costs.

Learn how SCCU cut waste and expenses


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B Corp Certification

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Let's Build a Movement

Based in Spokane, we’re the only B Corp and sustainability consultants in the Inland Northwest. Our mission is to help create a business community that is more locally focused, intentional and purpose driven. We work with companies of all sizes, from a winery seeking B Corp Certification to reduce their environmental impacts and improve their community impacts to a nationally-recognized health products brand focused on solidifying their sustainability practices.

We Help Companies Like Yours

This is the beginning of a profound journey. Here are some insights from people who've made the trip with us.

Pathfinding Badasses

Principal, Treatment

As a company we've always tried to make decisions to maximize the good we do in our community and limit our negative impacts on everything. There wasn't a plan or anything. At any given decision point, we would just do what felt right. When we heard about B Corp and the certification process, we were drawn to the idea and even thought we'd be a good fit, but we got pretty daunted by the depth and breadth of the impact assessment. We were proud of the way we operated, but nothing was codified. There was nothing systematic about our approach to doing the right thing. It seemed insurmountably hard to try and translate the free form nature of 5 years of decision making into something as cut and dried as a certification. We talked to Kara and Mark about these concerns and they thought they could help, so Mark sat us down and we went through the impact assessment together in real time. Pretty soon, not only had a path begun to emerge, but we found ourselves further down the road than I expected. They've been our pathfinders ever since. Helping us codify — not to mention reflect on; give ourselves credit for — the stuff we already do well, and helping us work through going even further. It's been a wonderful experience.

Supportive Guidance

Saranac Commons

In the summer of 2019, we engaged Measure Meant to provide coaching for our efforts to become a Certified B Corp. Their insights into the B Impact Assessment, the templates and tools they provided, and continued support and guidance have enabled us to make progress to our goals and to think differently about how we manage our business. The B Corp Certification can be a daunting task even though we already follow a substantial number of the practices included in the assessment. Having Measure Meant support us through the process has made things easier for all of us.

Continual Advocates and Cheerleaders

Mutu Coffee Roasters

I cannot speak highly enough in regard to the experience I had while working with Kara on our Certified B Corp project. She was professional, intelligent, organized and was able to keep me on an agreeable, yet aggressive timeline. Kara also becomes your advocate and cheer leader continually being encouraging and positive. I highly recommend Kara and Measure Meant Social Impact Consulting if your business is looking at what strategies you can implement to become a socially and environmentally responsible force for good in your community!

Delivered Value Beyond

LINC Foods

“When we realized we needed a third-party feasibility study in order to apply for a federal grant program, we called Measure Meant. We trusted Mark and Kara to understand and support our Co-op's mission and vision in their work with us, which they did. From the beginning, they partnered with our team to align on objectives, scope, and preferred areas of focus. They collaborated with us to design a survey of our institutional clients and analyzed the results to support the feasibility study. The final report was comprehensive and gave us value beyond the grant application. Measure Meant was a joy to work with and an excellent partner throughout the project.”

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