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Without thriving communities and a healthy planet, profit is just paper. For us, success means participating in and promoting the worldwide refocusing around what actually matters.

The Story of Measure Meant

Born out of that deep, human desire to leave a legacy, Measure Meant’s journey began in 2017 with the goal of empowering businesses to participate in the hard work of literally saving the world.

Saving the world can be overwhelming—and so is implementing any kind of change at scale. We’ve learned this firsthand through our collective experience advocating for sustainability within organizations large and small. We’ve also found that the greatest heroes have guides who will champion their efforts until the mission is complete. They have a Yoda, a Gandalf, or a Leslie Knope.

Since our inception, we’ve had the opportunity to guide clients of all sizes through some incredible transformations, from a local winery seeking B Corp certification to a national chocolate company committed to sustainability throughout its supply chain. We’ve been able to consistently identify areas of impact and implement lasting change, providing the insight, expertise, and capacity required for the task at hand—everything you need to accomplish world-saving impact.

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Team Measure Meant

Each one of us is personally committed to doing good in the world. We’re an agile, interdisciplinary team with complementary areas of expertise, and we put our heads together on every project to ensure we always deliver the best results.


We do this work in partnership with some amazing organizations.

Gonzaga University Climate Institute

The Gonzaga Climate Institute provides resources and opportunities to meet the unprecedented challenges facing humanity and the wider natural environment in the 21st Century. Kara is a co-instructor for their professional certificate in Climate Action Planning.

1% for the Planet

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet since the beginning of our company in 2017.

Unit of Impact

Unit of Impact provides an easy-to-use tool to report your impact and provide transparency into your operations.

Heather Paulsen Consulting

Heather and Measure Meant are long-time collaborators helping companies achieve B Corp certification and their sustainability goals.

B Local PDX

B Local PDX is our adopted organization to help us stay connected with B Corps in the PNW, and we are proud to be a member-sponsor of the organization.

Spokane Riverkeeper

Protecting our precious Spokane River through advocacy, education, and partnerships.

The Lands Council

The Lands Council is one of our longest standing nonprofit partners and we are happy to support their important work on the local environment.

350 Spokane

350 Spokane is an active, leading voice in the Spokane community creating awareness about climate change and the need for collective action.

SME Climate Hub

The SME Climate Hub is a non-profit global initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future.

B Lab

B Lab is the nonprofit that administers the B Corp certification and B Impact Assessment. We maintain relationships with B Lab as part of our client work.

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