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It’s up to all of us — business especially — to be agents for a worldwide refocusing of people and planet alongside profit. Join the movement!

The story of Measure Meant

It started with a belief that the economy should work for all people, not just those at the top. Kara founded Measure Meant in 2017 to work with companies and organizations who value social & environmental responsibility, and are ready to make a formal commitment to live those values. Mark joined the team in 2019, Annie in 2020, and Anesu in 2021.

Mark Odegard

Mark is an operational excellence obsessive with a black belt in Lean Six Sigma. He specializes in helping companies connect their values with their business strategy, align operations to meet objectives, and create processes and structures that promote long-term sustainability.

Over a 24-year career working in both small business and global corporate environments, Mark has developed the passionate belief that profit is not possible without people, planet and common purpose — and businesses do better when they attend to all four. That’s why B Corp beer just tastes better, because you know the people who made it are living their values.

Annie Wissmiller

Annie is inspired by the intersection of economic profitability and social and environmental stewardship. Food security and waste management have been personal areas of interest, however they are just a part of the social and economic issues that every city encounters. She believes that through industry, we can lead great change toward a just and regenerative economy.

She has a background in economics and environmental studies: a perfect combination to help businesses grow their profit, increase their social impact, help communities thrive, and protect the environment. Annie also knows that using fewer natural resources can produce equal or better quality. Her creativity, attention to detail, and positivity enable finding creative solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Anesu Mujenge

Anesu is an international student at Whitworth from Harare, Zimbabwe. He is in the Pre-Law track, majoring in International Studies and French, with a minor in English. Anesu specializes in Community Engagement Advocacy and is passionate about the intersection of International human rights and legal advocacy.

As a third culture individual, Anesu channels his global inspiration as a co-founder of Whitworth's first Model United Nations club. Global gallivanting aside, Anesu is an avid juicer, loves to write poetry of witness, and will drop anything for a game of soccer. Anesu's work is driven by reminding communities of their collective strengths, which should serve as the backbone of their development and trajectory.

Summer Hess

Summer has spent her career cultivating an interdisciplinary approach to, well, everything. She worked in higher education for seven years as a writing instructor, writing consultant, and academic advisor and has served in a management role at several small businesses. She loves helping values-driven organizations solve problems, strengthen teams, and create vibrant organizational cultures.

Summer is also passionate about measuring what matters. She believes equally in the need for evidence-based best practices and in the transformational power of story. She is a student of biomimicry and spends as much time as possible exploring the eastern slopes of the Cascade Range.

Our B Corp Certification

We created Measure Meant to help people find a better way of doing business, and we believe you gotta practice what you preach. As a B Corp, we hold ourselves to the same high standards we use to guide our clients. Among other things, that means:

  • We commit a minimum of 5% of our revenues to local nonprofits
  • We keep our environment healthy
  • We promote equity and inclusion

During 2020 we donated 117 hours to nonprofits and community organizations. We also donated more than 5% of our revenue for the third year in a row.

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