2022 Impact Report

We had lots to celebrate in 2022 as Measure Meant continued to help businesses measure their impact and earn B Corp Certification. We are grateful to work with people motivated to use business as a force for good!


Measure Meant exists to address the climate crisis and its impact on people and the planet.


We do that by seeking to define new measures of success, by demonstrating that organizations have a responsibility and are able to support systemic change while remaining profitable.


We provide superior consulting services to help leaders develop sustainability strategies and programs, and operate their organizations with purpose.

Creating Community

Champions Retreat

The 2022 B Corp Champions retreat in Philadelphia was incredible! We were lucky to have three Measure Meant team members there to meet so many members of the community. We facilitated a panel on regenerative agriculture, including representatives from The FruitGuys, Coop Coffees, and Gallant, Intl.

5th birthday party

We turned 5! We celebrated with our friends and colleagues in our community who are working on business as a force for good. We shared our client's work through posters around our space and helped make connections among our network. With beer from The Grain Shed, and beverages from Townshend & Wildland Cooperative, we supported local B Corps and had a great time!

B 101

We believe that creating spaces for people to learn about the B Corp process is an important part of generating interest in the B Corp community. This year, we held a B Corp clinic at the downtown Spokane library. Eighteen entrepreneurs joined us to learn about why B Corp matters and how to get certified. We love meeting people in our community who believe there’s a better way to do business.

The first gathering of local B Corps in Spokane

Local B Corps Gathering

Local Certified B Corps from the Inland Northwest gathered on December 9th, 2022 for the first time. We met at Rogue Heart Media’s beautiful studio for lunch. With a great increase in 2022 certifications, there are now nine Certified B Corps in the Spokane area. Thank you to Rogue Heart Media, The Wander Project, Treatment, The Community Building, The Grain Shed, Townshend Cellar, Freeform, Rice Fergus Miller for using business for good in our community!

Giving Back

In 2022, we gave 10.7% of revenue

The Environment

We supported the amazing work of the Spokane Riverkeeper, The Lands Council, 350 Spokane, Inland NW Land Conservancy, and 1% for the Planet. In supporting these organizations, we're supporting our neighbors and our local ecosystems.

Racial Justice

We supported the important work of The Carl Maxey Center and The Way to Justice through a unique partnership. To increase their staff capacity, Measure Meant hired an intern to work exclusively for these organizations.

We sponsored the Inland Northwest Land Conservancy (INLC) to be registered with 1% for the Planet. This puts INLC As more businesses in the area become 1% members, INLC will automatically qualify for more donations. As a 1% for the Planet member ourselves, we care about giving to environmental causes and recognize the urgency for supporting climate change mitigation.

Advancing Sustainability

Marketable Impact

TCHO wanted to know the greenhouse gas impacts of their business decisions - including the how shipping directly and switching to plant-based chocolate would change their emissions. We helped them calculate the GHG savings and translate it into data something easier to conceptualize. TCHO is using the findings in their marketing, and to inspire other companies and their own employees to keep working on climate change.

Supplier Transparency

BAM embarked on a mission for improving the sustainability and establishing full traceability in their supply chain. To reach full traceability, and meet all of BAM's partners' standards, they needed our help in developing a supplier manual. We worked to create a document that held all the important information without being overwhelming.

Seamless certification

Orgain knew they had implemented many best practices, but they wanted to demonstrate their sustainability commitment to the world. To help them get there, we identified areas for tracking and developed tracking mechanisms. We implemented policies and directed their current practices to align with the B Impact Assessment. For over a year, we worked to ensure all the answers and documents were solid. When it came time for B Lab's site review - we were ready. Orgain certified with 90.4 points.

Client outcomes

Our clients are focused on how they create value for their stakeholders. We provide tools to help them carry out that mission. In 2022, Measure Meant:

  • Established environmental management systems for three clients for ongoing tracking of water, waste, energy, and emissions
  • Helped five clients purchase renewable energy and make net zero pledges
  • Conducted stakeholder engagement and completed materiality assessments for two clients
  • Developed a giving program aligned with B Corp standards
  • Helped ten clients become Certified B Corps and two clients recertify
  • Created employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys for multiple clients

Sustainable Development Goals Alignment

We continue to align our company practices with the UN SDGs, and by doing so we can do our part to make measurable progress toward reducing emissions and protecting the environment. Working with our clients, we encourage them to think about how they can align their work with the SDGs.

UN SDGs, Sustainable Development, Impact Reporting

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". The SDGs were created in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by 2030.

We relate our impact to the Sustainable Development Goals as a way to call attention to them, and the important role that business should play in helping accomplish them. See our intentions for 2023 & beyond:


SDG 10 & 12: We've helped certify 20 companies. Our goal is to continue growing this community, bringing awareness to B Corp certification and the importance of sustainable business. To accomplish this, we'll continue hosting events, participating in podcasts and panels, and contributing to thought leadership in our communications


SDG 13: Our clients want to act on climate. And the climate needs them. We can help organizations of all sizes make a meaningful climate impact and stay ahead of regulation. We want to emphasize this part of our business and amplify climate change mitigation


SDG 15: Our goal is to deepen our advocacy for local, state, and federal policy, both in collaboration with other companies, and as a model for our clients. To accomplish this, we will choose one bill to advocate for in 2023, helping spread the word and demonstrating how businesses can engage in politics.

Sometimes PTO doesn't get used when people can use it whenever they want

We take PTO seriously

Epic Road Trip

Kara and Harold took the camper van on an epic road trip from the west coast (Washington) to the east coast (North Carolina). They had many adventures along the way including seeing several national parks and landmarks, meeting distant cousins, spending the night at an animal sanctuary, and walking the banks of the French Broad and Great Coharie Rivers. Here Kara & Harold pose for a picture with the Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming.

Camping on the Salmon River

Mark and his son, Harold, camped on the Salmon River near Riggins, ID. In April, the hills were still covered in green – they turn yellow during the summer due to the dry heat – and the river was running high and cold with the spring melt. They particularly enjoyed dipping our heads in the river to get a nice brain freeze and cool off. This was the maiden trip in the Odegard camper van and they spent 6 days next to the river enjoying the peacefulness and quiet.

Experiencing the Grand Canyon

Annie escaped the cold of Spokane in March to visit Death Valley and Joshua Tree, and found the snow again in the Grand Canyon. She and her friends meandered amongst some cool rocks in all three National Parks. It turned out to be a good time of year to visit all three - they avoided crowds and managed to get good weather. Next time, they want to do the rim to rim hike in the Grand Canyon.

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