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Case studies

We’ve gathered stories of transformational change ranging from our smallest clients to some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Vital Farms

Pioneering sustainable and ethically produced food

B Corp Certification


Clean nutrition creating good inside and out

B Corp Certification


Skin care that cares for the environment

B Corp Certification, Environmental Management, GHG Assessment


A chocolate company elevating the bar

B Corp Certification, Social Impact, Environmental Management


Developing the safest products for riders and drivers of all skill levels

Impact Assessment

The Community Spirit

Doing what's best for the community and what's best for everyone

B Corp Certification

BAM Bamboo Clothing

Climate-positive performance apparel

B Corp Certification, Supply Chain Optimization

Smallhold Mushrooms

Not shy about the powers of fungi, and responsible business

B Corp Certification

Reink Media Group

Providing trustworthy information on financial services

B Corp Certification, Impact Assessment

Townshend Cellar

Socially Responsible Winemaking

Sustainability Management, ESG Progam, Impact Assessment

K9 Ballistics

Pet products designed to last

B Corp Certification, Environmental Management

The FruitGuys

Continued commitment to the B Corp values

B Corp Certification

Spokane Indians Baseball Team

A community focused baseball club scoring impact

Strategy Development, Sustainability Program

Dancing Goats Coffee

The original relationship coffee

B Corp Certification, Environmental Management, Impact Assessment

Hightower Furniture

Healthy furniture for healthy people and planet

Impact Assessment, Sustainability Management

The Grain Shed

Ancient grains creating livelihoods

B Corp Certification, Impact Assessment, Formalizing Purpose


Marketing as a Force for Good

B Corp Certification, Social Impact

The Wander Project

Leadership development focused on the whole person

B Corp Certification, Strategic Planning


Making marketing meaningful

B Corp Certification

Aspect Consumer Partners

Financial advising for purpose-driven business

B Corp Certification, Impact Assessment, GHG Assessment

Rogue Heart Media SPC

Rogue Heart Media SPC is a Spokane-based media company with a particular focus and skill on story telling.

B Corp Certification


A platform that simplifies how companies manage their employee giving programs.

B Corp Certification

Pitaya Foods

Using super-fruits to improve health, communities, and the planet.

B Corp Certification, Research

Community Building

Expanding on community connections

B Corp Certification

Tenfold Health

Accelerating and inspiring health across communities

B Corp Certification, Research


From Plastic to Purposeful Apparel

B Corp Certification, Environmental Management, Impact Assessment

LINC Foods

Research for a Co-op Food Hub

Impact Assessment, Research for Grant Writing

Spokane Food Policy Council

Redefining the Board role and expanding engagement

Strategic Planning

North Coast Brewing Company

Making the world a better place one pint at a time

Impact Reporting


Hair care is environmental care

Impact Assessment, Research


A single-branch credit union with about 5,000 members

Impact Assessment, Strategic Alignment

Commerce Architects

Engineering community and environmental impacts

Strategic Planning, Impact Assessment

River City Youth Ops

Using urban farming to plant the seeds that help youth grow

Strategy Development, Strategic Planning

NCW Tech

Scaling quickly and responsibly

Operational Management, Coaching, Change Management


Engaging stakeholders for environmental stewardship

Operational Management, Change Management, Coaching

Sweet Origins

Coconuts making an environmental impact, supporting small holder farmers

B Corp Certification

Mutu Coffee Roasters

Supporting women-owned coffee farms

B Corp Certification, Impact Assessment

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