Measure Meant has been an incredible partner during our B Corp Certification journey. We really could not have done it without the support, guidance, leadership, and enthusiasm of Annie. MM was a true champion for Orgain.
— Nancy Knight, VP of Quality and Regulatory Compliance, Orgain

The Need

On an ambitious growth trajectory, Orgain needed to solidify their positive employee and customer practices. With a product line dedicated to clean nutrition, it was clear that Orgain was already focused on the wellbeing of their customers. As the company scaled, they wanted to demonstrate their sustainable leadership in each aspect of their business, from governance, to workers, to their supply chain. Pursuing B Corp Certification was a perfect choice because it would allow Orgain to show off their well-rounded practices.

The Work

Orgain had many company practices that were a part of their culture, such as valuing pay equity, acting ethically, and vetting their suppliers for social and environmental impact. Measure Meant added the capacity and expertise to formalize these policies according to B Corp standards. We completed similar processes for data collection to ensure Orgain can measure their impacts over time, again in a format that doubles as documentation for the B Corp Verification process.

The Impact

Through achieving certification, Orgain can easily demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental impact for all their stakeholders. They can grow with confidence that the right policies and practices are in place to sustain their positive impact. Now, each year presents an opportunity for Orgain to challenge their previous performance.