Townshend Cellar

Townshend's mission, "Positive Impact Wine," is not just a nice sentiment. They've earned this label through their dedication to community impact and environmental responsibility.

The Need

Townshend Cellar, a family owned and operated Spokane winery, felt called to create a greater positive impact in the community, for their staff, and for the environment - to create “positive impact wine.” They wanted a sustainability partner, a dedicated expert focused on all aspects of their operation to guide them through this process.

The Work

We provided research and guidance on many aspects of Townshend’s operations and created in-depth analyses on the sustainability potential of new projects. To inform Townshend’s decision making, Measure Meant researched sustainable packaging options, wastewater treatment methods, carbon emissions accounting, and more. We created Key Performance Indicators to tell their sustainability story year after year as they continue to innovate.

The Impact

Townshend is now a 1% for the Planet member and committed to donating 2% or more of revenues each year to charitable causes. In one year, their charitable giving not only grew by 7x, it also became more intentional. In the same time period, their waste diversion rate increased by 5% and their carbon emissions decreased by an amazing 12%. They are now able to track impacts in each segment of their business, from employees, to suppliers, to customers, and realize progress each year.

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