The Need

Alpinestars is a global company, based in Italy, that makes safety equipment for motorsports and mountain biking. Their mix of safety apparel, helmets, and autonomous airbag systems provide the highest level of innovative solutions for personal safety. Alpinestars is constantly improving their processes and practices and wanted to use the B Impact Assessment to create a baseline to inform their long-term strategy. Nativa, an Italian consulting firm, asked Measure Meant and Heather Paulsen Consulting to work with Alpinestars’ US operations to complete their baseline as a complement to the baseline Nativa had already completed for Alpinestars’ operations in Italy.

The Work

We adapted some aspects of our approach to align with Nativa’s, ensuring consistency across the two baselines. Alpinestars assigned a single point of contact for reviewing the BIA and we engaged various stakeholders to better understand their operations and evaluate their giving practices. As part of our process, we collected documentation to validate their responses and treated the project as though they were pursuing B Corp certification.

The Impact

Our collaborative effort resulted in a complete and thorough baseline for their US operations. Nativa was able to overlay the results of the US and Italian assessments and identify improvement opportunities and best practices that could be shared across the company. The work also contributed to Alpinestars’ strategy for improving and expanding their operational and community-based practices and to magnify their positive impacts and leadership in the motorsports industry.