Meet Annie

Sustainability & Engagement

Annie Wissmiller, Measure Meant Social Impact Consulting

Annie’s path to sustainability came through food, from serving in the kitchen and summer jobs, to managing Gonzaga University’s greenhouse, she never hesitated to get into the weeds reforming local food systems and building relationships in pursuit of food justice.

In a Zero Waste internship with the Spokane Indians, Annie got her hands dirty again (literally), sorting material after games and coaching a “green team” of high school students. She soon became a full-time manager of their sustainability program where she developed promotional activities around sustainability, implemented a tracking system, and found new opportunities to reform purchasing practices. She also authored the first ever impact report in minor league baseball.

“Business has a huge role to play in shaping our future to be a livable one—one where people can be better off than they are now. So much of the rhetoric around sustainability is that there’s a sacrifice to make. The work we do with companies is more about what we have to gain by thinking about people and the planet.”

On the Measure Meant team, Annie heads up many of our projects and specializes in implementing environmental management systems. She also frequently engages the Spokane community on our behalf to spread awareness about B Corp and what it takes to complete the certification. This engagement also extends to the broader B Corp community where she partners with B Lab to help define new standards, planning B Learning Development (BLD) conferences, and presenting at B Corp conferences.

Annie has been with Measure Meant for over three years and had a major hand in our growth. She leads B Corp certifications with clients of all sizes, from those with revenues of a few million in revenue to nearly a billion, and she partners with our clients to develop one successful sustainability strategy after another. Her persistence, motivation, and flexibility lead to strong relationships and impressive outcomes. She holds BAs in Economics and Environmental Studies from Gonzaga University and a certificate in Regenerative Business Design. She’s a certified TRUE Zero Waste Advisor and an FSA Credential holder.