Meet Mark

Operations & Strategy

Career Accomplishments:

  • Led over 20 US companies (and counting) through B Corp certification and recertification, including several large, nationally recognized brands
  • Develop a comprehensive supplier code of conduct for an international brand, positioning them to better manage supplier relationships and demonstrate their own practices to retail partners
  • Worked with 6 nonprofits to develop long-term strategies to guide their future work, create alignment with their Boards, and communicate their direction with their members
  • Estimated and analyzed GHG emissions for clients, enabling them to understand and report their Scopes 1-3 emissions, track their emissions on an ongoing basis, and establish reduction plans
  • Led organizational development and change management initiatives, provided management coaching and development, and built strategic plans for operations in SE Asia and Europe for a large, multi-national corporation
"This work leaves me more satisfied at the end of the day. It’s shaping the way businesses view their role in the community and the environment and helping them understand that if they’re not addressing the myriad of environmental and social issues facing our global community, then it’s affecting their people, and their profitability."

About Mark's work:
Mark spent over 25 years working in the corporate world, primarily as an internal consultant improving processes, implementing organizational change, and setting company strategy. For five years, he worked in the international operations of a multi-national supporting operations in Europe and SE Asia. In 2019, he joined Measure Meant and is using his prior experience to make a more meaningful impact in the business community.

Sometimes all you need is a good translator. Often times sustainability concepts are presented in ways that seem overwhelming and overly complicated, leaving leaders confused about where they should start. And a big part of leading change is translating complex concepts into terms that company leaders and employees can understand, making it is easier to incorporate change into their business. Mark, and the full Measure Meant team, are able to demystify sustainability and position leaders to take meaningful steps forward in their sustainability efforts.

Another component of successful change and implementation is having someone who understands your entire business, from the strategy down to day-to-day operations and underlying processes. The best consultants see a business holistically and understand how things work top to bottom. And they know how work is done through direct experience, not just through reading case studies. Mark’s experience with process management and Lean Six Sigma means he can quickly understand how your business functions and make connections between strategy and day-to-day operations, and how change impacts employees at all levels of your company.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History, Whitman College

Certificates and Speaking Engagements:

  • GHG Management Institute Certificate
  • Multiple guest speaker engagements at Gonzaga University (Business & Economics) and Whitworth University (Entrepreneurship)
  • Lean Six Sigma, George Group and Liberty Mutual
  • Certificate in Technical Writing, University of Washington