Meet Mark

Operations & Strategy

Mark Odegard, B Corp Consultant, Measure Meant Social Impact Consulting

After investing 25 years in working for banks and insurance companies, consulting on operations, management, coaching, and strategy across 19 different countries, Mark realized insurance, while important, just wasn't fulfilling. In June 2019, he finally quit to join Measure Meant.

During his time in Corporate America, Mark witnessed predatory insurance practices, poor treatment of employees, disturbing attitudes toward DEI, and so much unnecessary waste. Now, as a leader in the emerging movement of businesses who are embracing their responsibility to do right by their communities, he proudly empowers and spurs on the best of the best every day.

“This work leaves me more satisfied at the end of the day. It’s shaping the way businesses view their role in the community and the environment and helping them understand that if they’re not addressing these problems it’s affecting their people, and their profitability”

Mark is a key player on our team, handling operations and strategy both internally and externally for our clients. He has a Lean Six Sigma “Black Belt” in process management and process improvement. He’s particularly gifted in communication, clearly articulating complex ideas to a variety of audiences, whether it’s getting leadership and IT on the same page, or helping you articulate your practices in ways that B Lab can appreciate.

Mark began his work at Measure Meant with a passion for addressing the climate crisis. As he continues to work with colleagues, clients, and students, he’s increasingly inspired by building the knowledge and capacities of the next generation.