Meet Kara

Founder & Client Relations

Kara Odegard, Measure Meant Social Impact Consulting

Kara is the fire and vision behind Measure Meant. Her broad professional background would make anyone blush, and she’s taken some admirable leaps of faith to get us here. She’s worked in aerospace, information systems and technology, marketing, hospitality, real estate, city government, and nonprofits. Everywhere she worked, she just wanted to do more.

That’s when fate stepped in. While living in Singapore, she overheard a phone conversation by a social impact consultant and had to know what it was she did for work. Kara began her social impact journey working with that consultant securing nonprofit partnerships for tech companies in Southeast Asia. Eventually they began to lean into B Corp consulting.

Infected by the passion of a global community all seeking to do good together, Kara returned to Spokane, looking high and low to discover what was happening locally. At the time, the answer was, not much, so she took a risk to see if she might be the one to start the movement.

“It’s important that our climate is livable for future generations. I want my kids to breathe fresh air and enjoy green spaces. I want to face the challenges that have come from unfettered destruction of our planet.”

In 2019, the City of Spokane took notice of Kara’s passion and expertise, and engaged her to write the city’s first ever comprehensive climate action plan, which garnered overwhelming community support and was adopted by the city in 2021.

Kara wears many hats on the Measure Meant team, but she is always pursuing deeper connections with our community and our clients. On top of her rich depth and breadth of experience, Kara has a graduate certificate in Sustainable Business Practice from the University of California San Diego and she’s currently finishing her Masters in Leadership for Sustainability with the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources at the University of Vermont.