A True Champion

Nancy Knight

VP of Quality and Regulatory Compliance, Orgain

Measure Meant has been an incredible partner during our B Corp Certification journey. We really could not have done it without the support, guidance, leadership, and enthusiasm of Annie. MM was a true champion for Orgain.

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Dedicated Partner

Rogue Heart Media SPC

Team Rogue Heart is eternally grateful for all the help and guidance we received from the Measure Meant team during our certification journey. We really, truly couldn't have done it without them. If you're considering the path to certification, give them a shout!

Buttoned up


Annie was extremely good at walking through the different elements of the application and exploring how different responses impact the final score. She was also amazing at making sure our application was buttoned up and left little need for questions from the reviewers. 10/10 would recommend Measure Meant

Always Responsive

Aspect Consumer Partners

Annie and Mark at Measure Meant helped guide Aspect Consumer Partners through the B Corp process and were fantastic! They were smart, thoughtful and always responsive to questions and issues that came up during the process—they have the answers to any questions you may have regarding B Corp Certification.

Simply the Best

The Wander Project

I’ve had the good fortune to partner with Annie & Measure Meant to navigate the process of becoming a certified B-Corp, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. Intentional, reliable, and thorough are some of the immediate strengths that come to mind when I think of Annie. She’s made what felt like a seemingly daunting process attainable, rewarding, and even fun! I couldn’t recommend Annie, and her expertise in this space, more highly - She’s simply the best!

Delivered Value Beyond

LINC Foods

When we realized we needed a third-party feasibility study in order to apply for a federal grant program, we called Measure Meant. We trusted Mark and Kara to understand and support our Co-op's mission and vision in their work with us, which they did. From the beginning, they partnered with our team to align on objectives, scope, and preferred areas of focus. They collaborated with us to design a survey of our institutional clients and analyzed the results to support the feasibility study. The final report was comprehensive and gave us value beyond the grant application. Measure Meant was a joy to work with and an excellent partner throughout the project.

Flexibility with Cohesive Results

Spokane Food Policy Council

Measure Meant was very flexible in how they approached our work together. After an initial discussion to define the work, we modified the scope about one week before our meeting. Mark showed up ready to lead our discussion, adapted to the layout of the conference room, adjusted the approach as the meeting progressed, and ensured everyone had the opportunity to share their perspective. Rather than following a straight line to achieve our meeting objectives, he enabled us to pursue those challenges we felt were most relevant in the moment but without letting us to divert too much from the original plan. After the work was complete, Measure Meant reduced the total project cost to reflect the reduced scope of work. See how we helped Spokane Food Policy Council

Supportive Guidance

Saranac Commons

In the summer of 2019, we engaged Measure Meant to provide coaching for our efforts to become a Certified B Corp. Their insights into the B Impact Assessment, the templates and tools they provided, and continued support and guidance have enabled us to make progress to our goals and to think differently about how we manage our business. The B Corp Certification can be a daunting task even though we already follow a substantial number of the practices included in the assessment. Having Measure Meant support us through the process has made things easier for all of us.

Stronger Than On Our Own

Spokane City Credit Union

In mid-2018 as we were finishing the re-design of our office, we wanted to take additional steps to reduce our environmental impacts. Kara helped develop and execute development of our Resiliency Action Plan, which put us on a positive path toward differentiating our organization and creating more value for our members. Her leadership helped us move through the process more quickly and develop a stronger plan than we might have developed on our own. They have been a great partner and we continue to work with Measure Meant to provide project management and ongoing support for our work.

Pathfinding Badasses


As a company we've always tried to make decisions to maximize the good we do in our community and limit our negative impacts on everything. There wasn't a plan or anything. At any given decision point, we would just do what felt right. When we heard about B Corp and the certification process, we were drawn to the idea and even thought we'd be a good fit, but we got pretty daunted by the depth and breadth of the impact assessment. We were proud of the way we operated, but nothing was codified. There was nothing systematic about our approach to doing the right thing. It seemed insurmountably hard to try and translate the free form nature of 5 years of decision making into something as cut and dried as a certification. We talked to Kara and Mark about these concerns and they thought they could help, so Mark sat us down and we went through the impact assessment together in real time. Pretty soon, not only had a path begun to emerge, but we found ourselves further down the road than I expected. They've been our pathfinders ever since. Helping us codify — not to mention reflect on; give ourselves credit for — the stuff we already do well, and helping us work through going even further. It's been a wonderful experience.

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