Strategic Planning

No one gets where they’re going without a map. Strategic planning for sustainability is essential to bringing about long-term change. A fully-formed strategic plan gives you a vision of what your company’s legacy could be, and it guides all of your decision making toward that end. For any leadership team ready to think big, it provides an opportunity to look holistically at where you’re headed as it relates to sustainability, discover where to focus, and keep leaders aligned on the path forward.

When Measure Meant does strategic planning for sustainability, we take the time to understand your business, adapt our framework to meet your unique needs. We provide structure and expertise through strategy development sessions with leadership. We’re well versed in navigating internal politics and cultivating consensus amongst diverse perspectives. Stakeholder engagement is a crucial ingredient in any strategic plan, and we help identify and engage your stakeholders through surveys and conversations. When all is said and done, you’ll have in hand thorough, achievable implementation plans on one-, three-, and five-year timelines.

Featured Case Studies

River City Youth Ops

Using urban farming to plant the seeds that help youth grow

Spokane Food Policy Council

Redefining the Board role and expanding engagement


A single-branch credit union with about 5,000 members

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