Climate Action Planning

Climate action planning is a strategic approach to address the impacts of climate change. It involves creating a plan to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to climate-related challenges like extreme weather and rising temperatures. Climate action planning is essential for a sustainable and resilient future, ensuring that environmental concerns drive decision-making and policy development.

City or County Climate Action Planning — Climate action planning for municipalities is a comprehensive and strategic approach to address the challenges posed by climate change and to create more sustainable, resilient, and environmentally friendly urban environments. Such planning is crucial as cities are not only major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions but are also highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. A well-designed climate action plan for a city typically encompasses the following key components:

  • Assessment of climate drivers and key vulnerabilities
  • Inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • GHG reduction targets and strategies
  • Resilience and adaptation strategies
  • Community engagement and outreach

We are familiar with Washington’s new climate law, HB 1181 (Kara was part of the state advisory team that created the guidance!), and have the expertise to lead local governments in the process of adding the new climate element to their comprehensive plans. 

Climate Planning for Businesses and Organizations — To create an actionable climate plan for businesses and organizations, Measure Meant downscales the approach we take for community-level climate planning. Just as with city-level planning, it is vital to start with an understanding of your climate risks and the primary sources of your organization's climate pollution. From there we work with your leadership team and key stakeholders to focus on the impacts most material to your business and the communities you care about.   

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