Risk Assessments & Mitigation Planning

In the midst of radical change, as businesses and nations scramble to address the climate crisis, Risk Assessments & Mitigation Planning can put you on more confident footing, knowing you’re prepared for what lies ahead—and that you are a part of the solution. It starts with an analysis of how the climate crisis is impacting your company; from there, we create plans for mitigation, eliminate the risks, and position your company as a leader in sustainable practices.

Measure Meant uses standard global frameworks focusing on your specific industry to evaluate both risk and opportunities for the company. These risk assessments can be tricky to sort through, so we customize the best approach based on size, industry, and stakeholder interest. While this service works best when paired with GHG inventory and materiality assessment, it can also be a starting point for companies looking to better understand how ESG frameworks can help them to mitigate risk and plan for long-term success.

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