Environmental Footprints

The most straightforward way to preserve our environment is through environmental conservation, but that’s easier said than done. When you look at your environmental footprints, you get the perspective you need to be more efficient and leave a smaller footprint. You can measure the environmental impact of your organization in a particular area: water footprints, waste assessments / Zero Waste, energy use, reducing biodiversity loss, anywhere you want to take a hard look. Whether you’re looking to build efficiency, cut costs, or report to stakeholders, getting a clear picture of what’s going on is essential.

Measure Meant works with you to define the scope of what needs to be measured, understand the value chain, and determine where the tensions and lack of data exist. Using primary data from you and secondary data when needed, we follow international and national standards for measuring impacts and establish a clear, transparent methodology you can retrace and reuse. We distill the information into usable formats for reporting and marketing, looking for areas with room for improvement or increased efficiency as we go.

Water Wise Spokane - The Community Building
Water Wise & Rogue Heart Media • August 22, 2023
Spokane Climate Project Documentary
Rogue Heart Media SPC • August 22, 2023

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