Meet the Measure Meant Team

About Kara

Kara is an advocate and consultant with a mission to promote positive change within the Inland Northwest. She started Measure Meant to help local people with a desire to better their impact, because working close to home feels good.

Kara is a practiced communicator, stakeholder manager, and community leader. She uses standard frameworks and metrics to conduct materiality assessments, guide strategy, and set goals for business and community organizations. Science and data can get confusing fast, but Kara can translate complicated technical jargon into practical concepts that anyone can understand. By actively seeking, developing, and nurturing positive relationships she is able to work effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders and partners, including: public and private sector leaders, scientists, researchers, and civil society.

Currently, her focus is on helping organizations integrate sustainability strategies throughout their operations, strengthen performance of the quadruple bottom line, and meet rigorous standards of social and environmental accountability and transparency. Kara knows that change isn’t easy. She also knows that positive change is an exhilarating feeling, kind of like the joy you get from riding the big-ring on your bike down a long, steep hill. With over 18 years of experience working with multinational, national and local organizations across multiple industries she knows how to get you there.

You’ll know her best as the B Corp Lady and it’s all about making things better for everyone, one little bit at a time.

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About Mark

Mark is a consultant who believes that people are what make businesses successful, that businesses will prosper when they take care of their customers’ communities and surrounding environment, and that profit is not possible without people, planet, and common purpose. Plus, Mark knows that B Corp beer just tastes better, because you know the people who made it are living their values.

Mark has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and isn’t afraid to use it! He has over 24-years of experience working in small business and corporate environments, including 13 years leading Lean and Operational Excellence efforts across a global landscape. His experience includes focus on process, operational management, leadership effectiveness, governance structures, transformation, change management, employee engagement, and customer value.

Change is hard, but it can also be transformative. Mark specializes in helping companies connect their values with their business strategy, align operations to meet strategic objectives, and establish processes and structures that promote long-term sustainability.

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About Measure Meant

Kara founded Measure Meant in 2017 to help businesses articulate and live out their values in measurable ways. When businesses invest in social impact they succeed in building social and brand capital, managing risk, and bettering our shared world. At Measure Meant, we believe the economy should work for all people, not just those at the top. We work with companies and organizations who value social & environmental responsibility, and who are seeking to make a formal commitment of action supporting those values.

As a Certified B Corporation, we hold ourselves to the same high standards we use to guide our clients. One of the ways in which Measure Meant uses its resources for good is to commit a minimum 2% of our revenues to local nonprofits keeping our environment healthy and promoting equity and inclusion. During our last fiscal year (2018), we donated 181 hours and 5% of our revenues. 

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