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Interning with Purpose: My Journey with Measure Meant

By Cate Olrich

From January to May 2024, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Measure Meant as an Operations Intern.

As a graduating senior at Gonzaga University, I had not planned on pursuing another internship in my final semester. Having fulfilled the internship requirement for my Environmental Studies degree, I was eager to focus on making the most out of the end of college. However, when I received an email that Measure Meant was welcoming interns, I knew I wanted to apply. Having collaborated with Kara on my senior capstone project, I already admired the impactful work of Measure Meant. More importantly, I resonated deeply with Kara's worldview. We shared a belief that a change in ideology away from anthropocentrism and toward a better ethic is necessary to create environmental and social harmony.

"When I received an email that Measure Meant was welcoming interns, I knew I wanted to apply."

- Cate

As someone engaged in studying the environment in the broadest sense of the term, I have often grappled with the tension between understanding environmental crises and feeling uncertain about how to address them. I understand the benefits of local food systems and circular economies for both people and the planet, yet I look to the business sector and see profit uprooting everything worthwhile in its path. It is disheartening to say the least.

My time at Measure Meant was incredibly uplifting. I gained practical knowledge of the B Corp Certification process, corporate-level sustainability strategy, ESG reporting, and climate action planning. I was at the table for intimate team meetings and seen what a small, but mighty team of passionate individuals can accomplish. I sat in on client meetings and was inspired by the intentionality of mission driven businesses.

"We are so happy with Cate's contributions during her internship. She lived her values every day and made a direct and meaningful impact on our work!"

- Mark Odegard

Reflecting on this experience, I am so glad that I jumped at this opportunity. Kara, Mark, and Annie were clear from the beginning that while I would contribute to their mission, they were equally committed to supporting my personal and professional growth as I transition into the workforce. Needless to say, they exceeded my expectations in my time at Measure Meant.

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