Strategy Development

What it is

After you build your broader strategy, the objectives need to be integrated into operational plans for all functions of your business to maximize impact.

How it works

A methodical approach that facilitates open discussion and effective decision-making at a functional level and ensures that strategic initiatives across the organization are working towards the same, common goal.

When you use it

When leaders aren’t aligned in how to execute the strategy at a functional level, they develop individual plans that work in opposition, goals and objectives aren’t connected across the organization, or you just want to improve execution.

What to expect

This work requires multiple iterations of initiative development and leadership alignment. It also requires looking closely at roles and responsibilities, performance objectives, compensation and incentives, and how performance metrics are used to measure success. We will engage with function leaders individually and then with all leaders as a team. This effort requires leaders to be fully transparent, a willingness to be collaborative, and an openness to adaptation and comprise. The outcome will be clearly defined, complementary, and integrated initiatives that lead the organization forward to meet aggressive strategic goals and objectives.

Let's do this!