B Corp Certification

What it is

B Corp certification is a globally recognized designation indicating your business is a force for good. Certified B Corporations are verified to meet the highest standard in social and environmental impact, accountability, and transparency. Completing the certification requires companies to evaluate their impact on employees, their community and environment, and customers. Learn more from the nonprofit B Lab, who runs the certification.

How it works

Certification involves a completing a standard assessment that evaluates your current policies and practices, assigning points based on alignment with B Lab's standards to determine your level of commitment to sustainability. Companies must reach at least 80 points to submit their assessment to B Lab and complete the Verification process to prove their practices.

Why you use it

If you believe sustainability matters and that business needs to take action, join the B Corp community for collaboration and inspiration. If you want to clearly and definitively demonstrate your commitments, join the B Corp community to communicate with your customers through just one logo.

What to expect

We will guide you through the assessment process, help clarify what the assessment is asking for and requiring and define actions your business can take to meet the criteria and improve your effectiveness with sustainability. We can also create implementation plans and develop policies, procedures, tools, and processes to ensure that you meet your targets and sustain the changes you are making across the organization. And certification has the biggest impact when you make this an organization mindset – we can help you manage the change and embed the mindset into every aspect of your operation.

Let's do this!