B Corp Certification

B Corp Certification & Recertification

Becoming a Certified B Corporation is a powerful step toward restoring our environment and building a society where all stakeholders are given a seat at the table. Certified B Corporations are verified to meet the highest standard in social and environmental impact, accountability, and transparency. Joining the B Corp community connects you to untold allies and brand advocates with just one logo.

Measure Meant guides you through the assessment process, clarifies the assessment questions, and defines actions your business can take to meet the criteria. As needed, we create implementation plans and develop policies, procedures, tools, and processes to ensure that you meet your targets and sustain the changes you are making throughout the organization.

B Corp Employee Engagement

Certification has the biggest impact when you make this an organization mindset—we help you manage the change and embed the mindset into every aspect of your operation through B Corp Employee Engagement programs.


Every three years, Certified B Corps must update and verify their assessment by going through a recertification process. We look forward to revisiting the work we’ve done through recertification and continually moving the ball forward to create an economy that truly works for everyone.

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Pioneering sustainable and ethically produced food


Clean nutrition creating good inside and out


Skin care that cares for the environment


A chocolate company elevating the bar

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