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What We Do

Whether it’s waste analysis or a full B Corp certification, we help companies who care about equitable and sustainable business practices analyze opportunities, implement change and sustain their impact.

B Corp Certification (Certified Corporation)

B Corp Certification

We lead you through the B Impact Assessment to obtain certification and transform the way you do business.

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Sustainability Strategy

We help you assess your environmental footprint and then develop practical, actionable strategies and programs so that you can take less out of the world and give more back.

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ESG Reporting

We want you to own your impact. We help you do that by translating your practices, progress to goals, strategies, and results into useable formats to provide internal and external transparency.

Strategic Alignment

Climate Action

We work with you to create plans for how to mitigate and eliminate climate-related risks, and to position your company as a leader in sustainable practices.

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B Corp Certification

When we join our services together, things get truly transformational. Certified B Corporations commit with intention to balance purpose and profit.

The Certified B Corp movement is a community of leaders supporting one another and driving a global movement using business as a force for good. Plus, let's be honest: it's nice to get credit for your work.

Our goal is to power a B Corp revolution in the Inland Northwest and beyond, helping our clients to not just join this community, but become leaders of leaders.


We get it: saying we focus on social and environmental impacts is a little vague. Here's a more concrete list of the work we love doing.

  • B Corp Certification
  • Social & Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Strategy Development
  • Climate Action
  • TRUE Zero Waste Certification
  • GHG Emissions Evaluations
  • Materiality Assessments
  • Sustainability / ESG Impact Reporting
  • Aligning Strategy and Impact Objectives
  • Sustainability Strategy & Program Design
  • Social & Environmental Impact Policies
  • Nonprofit Partnerships
  • Impact Measurement & Reporting
  • Organizational & Operational Design
LINC Foods - Research for a Co-op Food Hub
"When we realized we needed a third-party feasibility study in order to apply for a federal grant program, we called Measure Meant. We trusted Mark and Kara to understand and support our Co-op's mission and vision in their work with us, which they did."

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