Climate Action

What it is

Analysis of how the climate crisis is impacting your company, and creating plans for how to mitigate and eliminate the risks and to position your company as a leader in sustainable practices. Maybe your company has made commitments toward net zero emissions but are not sure how to proceed. Measure Meant can help you reach your goals.

How it works

A comprehensive assessment based on existing best practices, and those we’ve created through years of experience, that uses leadership and employee inputs, operational assessments, and data analysis to develop actionable plans.

Why you use it

You recognize that the climate crisis is going to, or is already, impacting your company. You know sustainable practices are critical to the company’s survival, and you understand the health of your company is inextricably connected with the community and the environment. Creating a climate action plan puts to action your company’s commitment to addressing the climate crisis.

What to expect

The assessment evaluates leadership mindsets, identifies material risks, develops mitigation strategies, and creates plans to protect your company, the environment, and your community. This is a thorough, multi-month process that often includes extensive stakeholder participation and can uncover difficult realities about your business practices and the challenges associated with achieving true sustainability. We provide the capacity and knowledge because this is a skill set many companies don’t have in-house. The outcomes are actionable steps and a fuller understanding of what is needed to improve your business practices, to enhance your long-term resilience, and to set you on a path to be an industry leader.

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