Mutu Coffee Roasters

The Need

The team at Mutu Coffee Roasters had a dream of creating a coffee company that made a positive impact not just locally, but on the world. They source 80% of their beans from a distributor that works exclusively with women farmers, allowing Mutu to have a positive social impact on women in far off communities, allowing them to purchase land, better support their families, and play bigger role in their communities. The Mutu team came to us to help them formalize their commitments and earn a B Corp certification.

The Work

Measure Meant led Mutu Coffee through the B Corp Certification process. Starting with an initial pass through the B Impact Assessment, Measure Meant created a baseline and identified the gaps that Mutu needed to work on to become certified. The next step was documenting processes and practices and collecting documentation so that B Lab, the nonprofit that manages the certification, could validate Mutu’s submission.

The Impact

Mutu became the first Certified B Corporation in Spokane and shortly after, was contacted by a large retailer (also a B Corp) in California that wanted Mutu to be a coffee supplier through their website. This opportunity likely would not have materialized without the B Corp Certification.

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