The Need

Treatment is a Spokane-based marketing company that works with purpose-driven clients and supports the local community through their business model. Treatment connected with Measure Meant through Fellow, a coworking space where both companies are located. As owners,Luke Baumgarten and Benji Wade learned more about the B Corp movement, they realized they were already living those values and wanted to become certified as a way to signal their values publicly. They asked for our support to make it easier to navigate the process and allow them to focus on their core work.

The Work

Treatment asked for a full-support model, which we led from start to finish. We established their baseline impact and prioritized opportunities, created a company handbook, and designed employee and customer satisfaction surveys. Measure Meant also helped design a quality assurance (QA) process using project-specific criteria to determine quality and launch readiness. To support employees, process improvement, and operational management we updated job descriptions, developed performance reviews, and established objective setting and evaluation during projects, including a sunset meeting to drive continuous improvement. We also worked with Treatment to formally define their Community Giving objectives.

The Impact

In January 2021, Treatment became the third Certified B Corp in Spokane and is adding momentum to a growing group of purpose-driven businesses in the area. As part of the certification, they made a formal commitment to donate at least 5% of annual revenue each year. This giving commitment and their B Corp certification serve as a signal that they are using their business as a force for good.

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