The Need

Threadline set out to make marketing more meaningful. Kristian Aloma started the company based on years of research as part of his PhD in narrative psychology, with a deep understanding of how brands could better connect to their customers through empathy and listening. Kristian was attracted to the B Corp standards because of their rigorous nature and their global reach. With clients around the world, Threadline wanted a way to communicate their values, and show how they measured up against best practices.

The Work

Much like us, Threadline is a small team. Throughout the project, we implemented programs that would be relevant for their team and remote work set up. Measure Meant supported Threadline through an initial baseline assessment. With a solid score to work from, we explored potential Impact Business Models (IBMs), weighing the applicability, impact, and predicted success of each option. We found that the Designed to Give IBM would be the best fit. Threadline’s giving eventually made up to twenty percent of their certification and led to a wonderfully designed giving program.

The Impact

Threadline now uses their giving program to attract nonprofit recipients who can benefit from their work. Through achieving B Corp Certification, Threadline aims to attract more clients that align with their values. As their team grows, they are finding it easier to recruit and retain talent, setting them up for long term success.

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