Tenfold Health

The Need

Tenfold Health consults within the healthcare industry to revolutionize how healthcare is provided, particularly for patients on Medicare. They work with network partners to analyze health outcomes to understand the impacts of their business practices and evaluate ways that health providers can reduce their costs while improving outcomes simultaneously – proving that you don’t have to sub-optimize one while optimizing for the other. Tenfold Health is a small company with limited resources and wanted help with their B Corp recertification.

The Work

We partnered with the owner to update their B Impact Assessment. Tenfold Health’s work has indirect impacts on health outcomes and demonstrating those impacts to B Lab required data and explanations of their work and the specific outcomes. Using the company’s project documents, we summarized the outcomes and complimented that with additional research.

The Impact

Tenfold Health successfully recertified in 2021 without requiring a verification call, which is a rarity. Our approach contributed to the smooth verification process and removed the burden from the owner, allowing him to spend more time on serving his clients. The quality and detailed of the documentation and explanations we provided were sufficient for B Lab to verify the positive impact of the practices and reconfirm Tenfold Health’s commitments to making a positive community impact

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