The Need

TCHO, a chocolate maker in Berkeley, CA, is changing the chocolate industry by paying higher premiums for cacao, building tasting labs for farmers to experience their own chocolate, and building relationships with organic and regenerative farmers. TCHO has USDA Organic and Fair Trade certifications and wanted a certification that would consider the full picture of their business. They came to Heather Paulsen Consulting and Measure Meant to help improve their B Impact score in support of their B Corp Certification.

The Work

We guided TCHO through the B Impact Assessment to fully represent their positive business practices. We developed a mechanism for TCHO to track the social and environmental impacts of their sourcing through increased supplier engagement. Locally, we helped TCHO to define environmental policies and practices in their own office and factory. By formalizing and documenting processes that had taken place at TCHO for years, we strengthened their case for B Corp certification.

The Impact

TCHO doubled their B Impact Assessment score from their initial baseline and is now a certified B Corporation! The BIA also gives them a tool to increase the transparency and positive impact of their chocolate, as well as the strongest signal to customers available on each piece of chocolate that goes out the door - the B Corp logo.

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