Sweet Origins

The Need

Sweet Origins is a one-person operation that sources organic coconut water and coconut meat from small-hold farmers in Thailand. Their farmer partners are paid a premium for organic coconuts and contracts are set in advance to create additional stability. In a market that is crowded with competitors, Sweet Origins wanted to find a way to differentiate their product and demonstrate their values as a purpose-driven business.

The Work

Partnering with the owner, we reviewed their business practices, set a baseline B Impact Assessment (BIA) score for their current practices, and identified opportunities to increase their score and areas where supporting documentation was needed. Building on that work, we created a complete company handbook, drafted an impact report, and analyzed data to support questions throughout the B Impact Assessment. We worked as the primary contact for B Lab during the certification process and led the final certification call.

The Impact

With Sweet Origins as a second business, the owner had a busy schedule that was making it difficult to gain traction on the certification. By partnering with Measure Meant and Heather Paulsen Consulting, Sweet Origins was able to obtain their certification in a significantly shorter period of time and with greater confidence - they certified on their first pass with a score of 93.2 in mid-2020.

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