Spokane Indians Baseball Team

The Need

The Spokane Indians Baseball team have been a fixture in the Spokane community for decades, providing affordable family fun and giving back to the community each year. With many new and longstanding sustainability programs, the Indians wanted to ensure the longevity of their efforts and implement a system to track their impact.

The Work

Leveraging the Indians’ sustainability committee, we kicked off the project by analyzing their current practices and creating a stakeholder map to understand their expansive web of partners. We used the learnings from these practices to develop a strategy for long term impact. This strategy was paired with a stakeholder engagement plan to get early feedback and interaction with the Indians’ core partners. The next steps are to integrate stakeholder feedback and create a roadmap for implementing the strategy.

The Impact

While the work is ongoing, the Indians are already seeing positive results. The strategy development phase spurred helpful questions about the purpose of the existing sustainability programs. As the Spokane Indians Baseball team continues to increase the intention around and measurement of their actions, the story becomes easier to share. Their sustainability efforts are now a key touchpoint with current and potential sponsors, adding value to their partnerships.

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