Rogue Heart Media SPC

The Need

Rogue Heart Media SPC is a Spokane-based media company with a particular focus and skill on story telling. They spend considerable resources telling important stories about the local environment and community. Like many companies, they wanted to become a B Corp to validate their practices and demonstrate their commitment to a better way of doing business. They wanted to be methodical in their approach and weren’t in a rush. As they progressed through the assessment, they wanted some light coaching to clarify questions, understand documentation requirements, and prepare for the verification phase.

The Work

The B Impact Assessment is designed so that businesses can complete it on their own without third-party support. But there are nuances that can be difficult to navigate. Rogue Heart had worked through the assessment independently and identified just a few areas where they wanted clarification. We supported them in a phone-a-friend capacity to help clarify basic questions and give them direction to keep them on the path forward. Once they got to verification, we engaged more deeply to provide guidance on the documentation B Lab needed to verify answers and to review some of their documentation before it was uploaded.

The Impact

The light-touch support gave Rogue Heart exactly what they needed and when they needed it. Working through the BIA independently gave them flexibility to move at their own pace and implement change as they went along. It also gave them a greater sense of ownership and made it easier to evolve their company culture. Their level of ownership through process made their certification in late 2022 that much sweeter!

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