The Need

Recover engaged Heather Paulsen Consulting and Measure Meant to become a Certified B Corp in early 2020. As a North Carolina based t-shirt company, with a core business model that supports environmental conservation, education, and community engagement, they believed B Corp Certification would lend further support to their purpose-driven business model. Their shirts are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles (an average 8 bottles per shirt) and cotton scraps from other textile manufacturing. The majority of their suppliers are local to their business, they engage in the local arts community, incorporate environmental education into their products and company giving, and lead fundraisers to support victims of natural disasters

The Work

Our work with Recover involved identifying areas for improvement using the B Impact Assessment. To help their practices shine, we developed policies and formalized many of their informal practices. We also created an Environmental Management System to measure and monitor their impacts and documented company policies into a formalized company handbook.

The Impact

We began working with Recover in early 2020, before COVID-19 was a major concern in the United States. As the pandemic started to evolve, Recover started seeing an impact in their business and rather than putting the project on-hold, we committed to finishing the work while pausing billing. Throughout the year we created an environmental management system, an employee handbook, and a plan to ensure we were prepared to submit the assessment as soon as Recover was ready. Recover submitted their B Impact Assessment in October 2020 and are in the queue waiting to start the verification process.

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