Pitaya Foods

The Need

Pitaya Foods sells frozen pitaya (aka dragon fruit), acai, and other fruit sourced through sustainable farms in Central America and SE Asia. Pitaya Foods needed to recertify in 2021 after first certifying in 2017. They asked for help updating their B Impact Assessment, collecting documentation, and navigating the recertification.

The Work

Pitaya’s internal and external practices are well-aligned with the B Corp principles. In some cases, their internal practices had not been formally documented and in other cases they wanted to expand their policies and practices to be more thorough and complete. We did a quick pass through the BIA to update their response and developed the needed documentation to support the assessment once the verification started. Our work included conducting research on the local wages where they source their products to support the application of a Community Impact Business Model.

The Impact

We expanded the breadth of Pitaya’s policy handbook and shepherded them through the verification process. With our support, Pitaya was able to articulate their approach to business and support their work through detailed documentation. We also helped them evaluate the impact they have on small hold farms in Central America, which was a key part of completing the verification and recertification.


Pitaya Foods