North Coast Brewing Company

The Need

North Coast Brewing Company, an independent brewer based in Fort Bragg, CA, certified as a B Corp in 2015. Each year they produce a detailed Impact Reports to highlight their business practices. They are True Zero Waste Platinum and donated over 20% of their profits in 2021. North Coast Brewing is also conscious of their water impacts and continue to reduce the amount of water required to produce a gallon of beer. They regularly work with Heather Paulsen Consulting to produce their annual impact reports and in 2022 we supported the process by writing the content for the report.

The Work

We attended meetings with the North Coast Brewing Company team and Heather Paulsen to understand their business practices, commitment to zero waste, and their environmental and community engagement. Using the information collected in those discussions, we created the content for the entire report.

The Impact

The 2021 impact report is a 14-page articulation of North Coast Brewing Company’s dedication to the B Corp principles. Through the collaborative process, we wrote a compelling story that highlights the commitments and principles the company believes in and practices each day, allowing them to communicate the value they add to their customers, community, and the environment and what it means to be a purpose-driven business.

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