Dancing Goats Coffee

The Need

Dancing Goats Coffee is a leader in sustainability, known for taking action decades ahead on practices such as establishing relationships with suppliers of sustainably grown coffee, installing on-site renewable energy, and dramatically reducing waste in their operations. Though Dancing Goats Coffee has long-established sustainability credibility, they wanted to explore how to continue elevating the bar to meet the demand of modern challenges.

The Work

We worked together across all departments to establish a baseline of Dancing Goat’s current practices in alignment with the B Impact Assessment. This helped us to create a platform for opportunities to maximize Dancing Goat’s B Corp Certification goals. Upon analyzing Dancing Goat’s practices, we developed a strategic plan to build on current company strengths and deliver maximum impact to stakeholders in concurrence with the assessment. We developed sourcing criteria and ethics, formalized cultural actions into company policies, and established key metrics for tracking annual sustainability progress and reporting.

The Impact

Through our work together, Dancing Goats Coffee has holistically refreshed and aligned their ethos, “Ethically Sourced, Sustainably Crafted, Roasted with Love,” throughout their operations. Sharing their practices & policies on their website, including their Supplier Code of Ethics, Environmental Purchasing Policy, Sustainability timeline, and more, is thoroughly demonstrating their commitment to transparency with all stakeholders. Dancing Goats Coffee is currently in B Lab’s queue, awaiting the Verification process for certification.

Visiting Dancing Goats

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