The Need

Bliss, a global skin care company, sells products that are vegan, PETA-certified cruelty free, use sustainably sourced materials, and are certified as less toxic to the environment. Their mission includes making a positive impact on both society and the environment and to support that they were expanding their CSR program and pursuing B Corp certification. Bliss asked Heather Paulsen Consulting and Measure Meant to provide subject matter expertise and a broader perspective on sustainability to help them complete the B Impact assessment and support the CSR framework they were building.

The Work

Going into the project, Bliss had already developed a strong purpose-driven culture and business model. Our first step was to formalize their existing practices and build in new components to strengthen them. The project included updating their company policies, creating an Environmental Management System to track their environmental impacts and calculate their GHG emissions, building a supplier code of conduct and supplier survey, along with other tools. We also partnered with Bliss to help them accomplish their commitments for Project Gigaton and begin using THESIS to evaluate their environmental impacts across their product lifecycle.

The Impact

Bliss has made big strides in evaluating their environmental impact, creating TerraCycle-verified packaging, finding ways to reduce their packaging volume, and being active with their community giving. Through the first phase of our engagement, Bliss submitted their assessment to B Lab and has a more-informed approach to their CSR program. Bliss is currently in the queue anticipating B Corp certification in 1Q21.