Aspect Consumer Partners

The Need

Aspect Consumer Partners, based in San Francisco and St. Helena, CA, provides financial services for businesses in the consumer goods industry. They focus on serving purpose-driven clients, and wanted to make sure they were “walking the talk” when it came to social impact. ACP wanted to formalize their community impact, define their carbon footprint, and achieve B Corp status.

The Work

ACP had many great business practices when we started working with them. First, we identified these practices and how they would measure up in the B Corp Certification process. Then, we assisted ACP in documenting and expanding their current employee policies, giving practices, and sustainability tracking.

The Impact

Bringing intention to their community giving and becoming carbon neutral were both priorities for ACP. Through a model we identified in the B Corp certification process, ACP has now committed to donating at least 20% of net income annually, with some of the recipient organizations chosen by their clients. They are now calculating and offsetting more than their own Scope 1 and 2 emissions. As of December 2021, ACP is a certified B Corporation!

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