Commerce Architects

The Need

Commerce Architects, a Spokane Valley-based company that provides engineering solutions for eCommerce and cloud applications, aspired to minimize their environmental footprint. Originally starting with questions about offsetting GHG emissions related to travel, the conversation quickly turned to support for developing a more impactful triple bottom line sustainability strategy.

The Work

After setting the project scope, we facilitated a conversation with the Commerce Architect leadership team to understand their broader philosophy and objectives. We used those insights to define high-level objectives as anchors to their strategy, provided different options for employee- and leader-led models to create the strategy, and outlined a 3-year tactical plan for finalizing and executing the strategy. Lastly, we provided insights into how the B Impact Assessment could be used to determine where they want to focus their efforts.

The Impact

Through the partnership, Commerce Architects now has a straight-forward, fully-transparent model to develop a sustainability strategy that is completely created and owned by the employees and leadership team. By providing a solution that allows them to self-implement, they are better positioned to own their success and long-term outcomes.

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