The Need

AQUIS, most well known for their K18 hair brand and AQUIS towels, was looking for a way to authenticate their impact. They are focused on making great products that support hair health while supporting the environment and hair care professionals. AQUIS was looking for a framework to measure their progress as a sustainable company and landed on the B Impact Assessment to do the job. AQUIS came to Heather Paulsen Consulting and Measure Meant to sort through where AQUIS was making the most meaningful impacts and prioritize improvement opportunities.

The Work

We supported AQUIS in collecting data on their current practices to set a baseline. The B Impact Assessment was a key part of setting the baseline and identifying worthy areas for further research. For example, AQUIS hair towels can reduce energy use associated with your morning routine. The unique towel design dries your hair quickly, reducing the need for a hair dryer. We analyzed environmental findings such as this to see what could be quantified. Through this exercise, we found multiple promising avenues for further research.

The Impact

AQUIS is continuing to research the environmental impact for their customers based on our analysis to tell their impact story. In tandem with this research, AQUIS has identified a path forward for improving their business across all stakeholder groups. As they grow, they’ll be able to deliver more impact for their customers in more countries.

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