Sustainability / ESG Impact Reporting

What it is

Reports that summarize a company’s sustainability or ESG program, progress to goals, and meaningful impacts during a set time-period to provide internal and external transparency.

How it works

Understand company objectives for the report, review existing programs and objectives, collect data and other information to inform the reporting, and iteratively write and edit the report.

Why you use it

You want to tangibly demonstrate your commitments and validate your branding, or are required to provide transparency by investors or other organizations.

What to expect

This works ranges in time and complexity based on the desired outcomes. Impact reports can be short and simple, or long and complex. In either case, the intent is to create transparency into sustainability practices. The process starts with understanding the outcomes, the current sustainability program and company commitments, and company mission. The next step is collecting data, interacting with staff, and then developing a story that connects with the company’s mission. Typically, this can be accomplished by interacting with a small group of employees to collect the needed information and iterate on a draft.

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