Social & Environmental Impact Policies

What it is

Policies and procedures that clearly outline how you approach social impact and sustainability so that all stakeholders (e.g., employees, customers) are informed.

How it works

Current objectives are defined and documented, current policies are evaluated, gaps are identified, new policies are developed, codified, and then communicated broadly to all stakeholder groups.

Why you use it

You want to establish processes to do work more efficiently, formalize current practices or cultural norms, prepare for growth, or improve your capability to manage change.

What to expect

This can be relatively straight-forward or more involved depending on your objectives and how well-defined existing policies are. It also depends on whether you use your own resources to develop policies (e.g., you just want coaching) or you want Measure Meant to write the policies for you. Either way, we work with your team to understand objectives, closely evaluate existing policies relative to the objectives, and provide clear guidance on what policies need to be created and how to create them. A key part of this involves communication to stakeholder groups so that everyone is informed and can understand how they will be impacted or may need to adapt.

Let's do this!