Organizational & Operational Assessments

What it is

Evaluation of how your organization and/or operations enable or impede your ability to manage day-to-day activity and execute your long-term strategy.

How it works

Using a customized assessment, the mindsets, capabilities, practices, and processes are evaluated across the organization and/or operations, gaps are clearly identified, and recommendations and actions are detailed.

Why you use it

You want to align operations with a new or existing strategy, your current strategy isn’t progressing as desired, you have gaps in execution but haven’t identified the cause, or you want to align the leadership team on operations.

What to expect

This is a comprehensive assessment of your organization, operations, or both. We look at how your business is run, how leadership behaviors and mindsets impact performance, how structure and processes facilitate or impede aspects of execution & performance, communication & collaboration, problem solving, employee engagement, and other factors central to your success. This requires interviews with all leaders, some managers, and select front-line staff. We observe processes and team meetings, use surveys, evaluate policies & procedures, and evaluate other aspects of your business to effectively identify gaps and make recommendations. This is typically a multi-month engagement.

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