Nonprofit Partnerships

What it is

Identifying Nonprofit partners to support community giving and community building efforts, and that align with your values and business proposition.

How it works

After objectives are defined, a Nonprofit landscape assessment is completed to identify nonprofits and evaluate their services so that high-quality partners can be selected, & a process is created to support ongoing management.

Why you use it

Community giving is currently ad-hoc or isn’t organized or managed effectively, partners aren’t aligned to your values & business proposition or you want to enhance a program or build a new one.

What to expect

While the approach may vary slightly based on your starting point, the initial step will be to clearly define the objectives of your community giving efforts. We recommend aligning your efforts to your business proposition to increase the value of your efforts and align your employee’s expertise with the selected Nonprofit Partners. We do all the legwork to identify and evaluate Nonprofits, then review the research so that you can select the partners you prefer to engage with. And if you don’t have program infrastructure in place, we will provide you with direction and support to create a structure that helps you manage the relationships and maximize the value of your giving.

Let's do this!