Impact Measurement & Reporting

What it is

Evaluate how your organization impacts employees, communities, customers, and the environment. Use the findings to set goals, make a greater impact, increase transparency with your stakeholders and stay ahead of required reporting.

How it works

Through discussions with leaders and other staff, review of existing policies and procedures, and evaluation of company operations, we identify key metrics for your business. These metrics, built in close collaboration with your needs, are both customized to your business and aligned to relevant international standards.

Why you use it

If sustainability is important, but you don’t have a strong grasp on your current footprint or don’t know where to start, we are here for you. This process is useful whether you are looking to establish a baseline, or you’ve been making a concerted effort and want to elevate your progress and impact.

What to expect

Measure Meant will begin by learning about your business from key stakeholders to understand your material impacts and goals for our work together. By understanding your business strategy and ongoing initiatives, we assess what is most important to measure. We synthesize our findings from research and data collection into easy-to-understand reports, with outlines of potential solutions for continuing to improve sustainability plans. The process may vary depending on the size and complexity of your business and the depth of the analysis desired.

Let's do this!