GHG Emissions Evaluations

What it is

Analysis of company Greenhouse Gas emissions, identification of key drivers of emissions, and development of strategies to reduce Scopes 1-3 emissions.

How it works

Aspects of the value chain are selected, data is collected or estimated, analyzed to calculate the total GHG emissions, and then inform a strategy for tracking and reducing future emissions.

Why you use it

You understand how GHG emissions are driving the climate crisis and want to change your practices, you made a reduction commitment, or a supplier or partner requires that you reduce emissions.

What to expect

Identifying and measuring GHG emissions doesn’t have to be complicated for companies just getting started. You can start with Scope 1 and Scope 2 to begin tracking those emissions that are within your control, and then expand to measuring and managing Scope 3 emissions in the future. The effort depends on the level of your commitments – just getting started vs working towards net zero – and those levels generally impact how much data needs to be collected and who needs to be involved. Most of the internal effort involves collecting data, sharing basic insights into company practices, and collaborating on developing reports, strategies, and solutions.

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