Community Engagement Programs

What it is

An effort to focus your community building and social programs to improve social outcomes in the areas where you or your clients do business.

How it works

Establish relationships with and support the efforts of community-based organizations by providing leadership resources and establishing internal programs that encourage and enable employees to dedicate time & expertise.

Why you use it

You want to do more than just donate money, want to make a direct & meaningful impact on community issues, and/or believe that your business, leaders, and employees have a role in contributing to stronger, better communities.

What to expect

This can be a complement to or stand-in for your existing programs. We'll define objectives, key community opportunities, and complete a landscape assessment. As an added step, policies and procedures need to be created or updated to govern how your business and employees will engage. We will also help establish processes to manage the program and establish measurement systems to evaluate and report the value your business derives from the program and contributes to the community.

Let's do this!