Measure Meant Becomes Spokane’s Second Certified B Corporation

Spokane, WA:  Measure Meant Social Impact Consulting is now a Certified B Corporation, only the second Spokane business to achieve this elite designation. Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that voluntarily meet rigorous standards for social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and governance. Measure Meant—along with Mutu Coffee Roasters, the company that became Spokane’s first B Corp in early 2018—now stand alongside companies such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and Athleta in a growing global movement of people and companies committed to using business as a force for good.

Measure Meant also recently completed a rebranding. Previously known as Odegard Consulting, Measure Meant now has a new name, logo, and website. Kara Odegard, Measure Meant’s owner and principal, explains, “Our name now shares our values and methods more clearly. It highlights our belief that how we do business should be a source of purpose, and underscores the role of metrics and data in how our businesses live out values in measurable ways. These are the values and mission that guided Measure Meant’s B Corp certification and that will continue to guide our consulting work in the Inland Northwest.”

The B Corporation movement is an international phenomenon, with more than 2,600 Certified B Corps in over 50 countries, representing over 130 industries. The City of Spokane even formally recognized the value of Certified B Corporations and other values-driven businesses in our community, passing an ordinance in 2018 to offer them fee and tax incentives.

Despite these milestones, B Corp certification has achieved little visibility in Spokane’s business community—something Kara and Measure Meant intend to change through ongoing education and awareness efforts. The new B Learning Hour, starting on February 21 and taking place monthly on the third Thursday, is one way Measure Meant will educate business leaders about B Corp certification, hoping to excite our business community with the documented positive outcomes that come with doing good.

Measure Meant’s consulting work will also educate the Spokane business community, as the company works with mission-driven businesses to pursue their own B Corp certification, perform impact assessments, and identify other measurable ways to put values at the center of their business operations.

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