TRUE Zero Waste Certification

What it is

Certification for any physical facility and their operations showing your commitment to diverting solid-waste from landfills, incineration, and the environment.

How it works

We'll conduct a complete audit of all solid-waste, recycling, composting, packaging, and more to determine how effective your current efforts are in diverting materials from landfill. Gaps will be identified and data collection systems established so that the process can be improved to increase effectiveness.

Why you use it

You believe sustainability matters, you want to significantly reduce your waste footprint, you want to evaluate your current practices, and/or you want to clearly and definitively demonstrate your commitments

What to expect

A waste audit can be time-consuming, but also very enlightening. All waste is sorted and inventoried over a period of time to develop a comprehensive understanding of how waste is created, where it comes from, where it is going, and how it can be reduced or eliminated. Following the inventory, plans are made to change existing practices to reduce waste. These plans may involve working with suppliers, changing internal processes, and/or adjusting employee mindsets. The amount of impact and effort is highly dependent on your objectives, current practices and processes, and the amount of waste you currently produce.

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