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How to Keep Your Workplace Safe Throughout the Pandemic

By Maria Cannon

The pandemic has changed the way we do business in myriad ways. If you’re a manager or business owner, you have probably taken several temporary measures to increase safety for your employees and customers. However, even as things are starting to get back to normal, you still must think about what you can do in the long term to keep your business operations safe.

Adopting New Policies

Implementing new policies can help keep your workplace safer. Here are a few safety considerations to think about when developing new rules:

  • Let employees work from home if the nature of their work allows them to do so.
  • When employees can’t work remotely, make sure you adopt social distancing policies in your facility.

Depending on local ordinances, you might need to require that onsite staff members wear face masks. Even if it’s not required, consider developing your own policy.

Tips for Implementing Your Solutions

Businesses are used to making changes to keep up, but adapting to the pandemic has still been a major hurdle. These resources can help reduce stress and lower your financial burden as you implement new policies and procedures.

  • Buy masks locally rather than online – only one cent of every dollar stays in your community when you purchase online compared to 54 cents when you buy from a locally-owned, independent business
  • A tax credit is currently being considered for businesses that need to purchase PPE for their employees
  • The CDC has a variety of free signs about social distancing and other topics that you can print for your workplace
  • Whether you’re a small business owner or COVIDpreneur, registering as an LLC can protect you from liability and help you save come tax time. Consult with your accountant and attorney for how this might benefit you

As a manager or business owner, finding the best way to keep everyone safe while helping your business stay afloat is frustrating to say the least. Hopefully, these resources can help point you in the right direction as your business continues to deal with this pandemic.

Maria Cannon believes we’re never too young to dedicate ourselves to a hobby. She created Hobby Jr. to encourage young people to find a hobby they love. Maria has suffered from depression and anxiety for years. Her hobbies -- gardening, quilting, sewing, and knitting -- play a major role in maintaining her mental health.

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